Climate action doesn't need to be difficult. Assist customers and employees to do it with your company, raising awareness around the impact of your ESG investments

ESG engagement
The SYSTEM OF ACTIONS to connect Engagement with Sustainability

Harness Sustainability with
user-centric technology innovation

Make sustainability communications your strategic advantage. Connect engagement with Sustainability by providing customers and employees with specific steps they can take to reduce their actions' environmental impact in the moment

Incentivize Sustainable behaviors

With 79% of consumers changing purchase preference based on products’ social or environmental impact, business leaders are discovering the power to connect engagement with Sustainability.

Promote climate awareness. Grow your revenue with purpose-driven marketing

Sustainability-linked consumer products can grow nearly six times faster than others. We’re currently witnessing a paradigm shift in the way corporate success is measured, as boardrooms increasingly adopt a triple bottom line of environmental, social and financial progress. ISS ESG recently reported that a fifth of businesses now link executive pay to environmental or social metrics – double the number in 2018.

    Improve the ROI of your sales channels helping the customers live sustainable

    Climate change has a communications problem. Sustainability data doesn’t lend itself easily to simple marketing messaging. Technical and complex, it stays trapped in B2B systems and annual CSR reports. Our technology helps brands unlock this information to drive brand value and new revenues. The problem? Many consumers don’t know where to start. They might know all about the big picture, but often lack the insights – and incentives – that would allow them to eat, buy, invest or travel in a more climate-friendly way.

    • Your company can become part of the climate solution by presenting high-quality data on how consumer choices affect the climate

    • Working together, we can preserve the health of our planet.

    • Sustainability is good for your business: Many customers now look for sustainability as one of the priority filters to purchase, often over price.

    Promote climate awareness

    Engage your customers and employees to better understand their own impact, take targeted environmental actions, and inspiring a sense of consciousness of the collective impact of our actions.

    Incentivize sustainable behavior

    Transform your corporate ESG strategy into real-life action by providing customers and employees with specific steps they can take to reduce their actions’ environmental impact in the moment.

    Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value and revenue growth

    Empower your stakeholders to continual, progressive impact through contextual, real-time engagement turning complex ESG data into clear messaging and call to action.

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    sustainability marketing

    Consumers fight data collection. Earn shoppers’ trust with your Sustainability engagement. By 2024, 40% of consumers will trick behavior tracking metrics to intentionally devalue the personal data collected about them, making it difficult to monetize. Empower them with specific information and steps to reduce their climate impact and earn their zero-party data.

    Customer LIFECYCLE management

    Simplify the purchase process across your website, ecommerce, social media and stores with live chat, video, reservations and offers on Whatsapp, Instagram, Google maps. Send promos, flyers and newsletters on WhatsApp. Conversations in real-time that convert, conversations that solve problems.


    Intercept buying intent in the moment of need. Activate your data on all touchpoints. Find new revenue opportunities by listening to the customer's voice. With LIFEdata AI you can analyze the real-time behavior of each customer and transform the data into personalized actions at the right time.

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