improve the ROI of your sales channels by 10-20%

Increase customer lifetime value. Reduce churn and service costs by helping each customer to buy through all stages of their lifecycle

customer value managementrevenue intelligence, customer value management, omnichannel
The SYSTEM OF ACTIONS to improve the Customer Lifetime Value

Capture the modern's buyer attention and sell her the way she wanna buy in 2023

No more lead generation. Move beyond product and services, targeting each customer by pain. Engage buyers in real-time conversations. Understand buying intent and sell them the way they expect to buy in 2023 (not the way your systems force you to sell).

Help the customers buy in real time

Your marketing funnel is done. Ecommerce is dead with customers constantly changing and returns up to 55%. Help the consumer to buy from you, the way she expects to buy in 2023 between habits on demand, omnichannel and sustainability.

revenue intelligence, customer value management, omnichannel

Find new revenue opportunities listening to the voice of the customer

This is what Revenue Intelligence is about: a Go-to-market strategy that uses data and insights to orchestrate relevant, trusted Marketing and Sales actions throughout the customer lifecycle. Marketing becomes digital sales using marketing channels.

    Generate recurring revenue by consolidating customer data across all touchpoints and delivering personalized recommendations that drive repeat business.

    Each customer is on their own journey: How easy is it for your customers to buy from you? Sales teams are tuned into pipeline, win rate, and sales-qualified leads. But they’re missing the most important part of the modern sales process: conversations. With the rise of real-time messaging and the on-demand economy, buyers have come to expect a new type of sales experience — one where their voices are heard and where conversations happen on their terms. Conversational commerce is the solution to:

    • Removing friction from the shopping journey

    • Naturally lend to zero-party data collection in a privacy-centric world

    • Making the brand part of conversations on dark social where brands can't control the conversation about them.

    revenue intelligence, customer value management, omnichannel
    revenue intelligence, customer value management, omnichannel
    Unify your customer data and deliver personalized experience at scale

    Connect all of their data in one place, for a unified approach to account-based sales and marketing, across multiple channels. Bring together your customer, transactional and behavioral data from all of your data sources. Activate your audiences and deliver truly remarkable customer experiences.

    revenue intelligence, customer value management, omnichannel
    Consumers fight data collection. Earn shoppers’ trust with your Sustainability engagement

    By 2024, 40% of consumers will trick behavior tracking metrics to intentionally devalue the personal data collected about them, making it difficult to monetize. Empower them with specific information and steps to reduce their climate impact and earn their zero-party data.

    revenue intelligence, customer value management, omnichannel
    Tap into the power of real-time user data suggesting actions in the moment of need

    LIFEdata automatically collects rich profile data and activity trends across different touchpoints, so you can provide actionable real-time recommendations in the moments that matter most.

    return on investment

    Customer Lifetime Value
    Purchase frequency
    Cost to Serve


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    Simplify the purchase process across your website, ecommerce, social media and stores with live chat, video, reservations and offers on Whatsapp, Instagram, Google maps. Send promos, flyers and newsletters on WhatsApp. Conversations in real-time that convert, conversations that solve problems.

    revenue intelligence, customer value management, omnichannel


    Intercept buying intent in the moment of need. Activate your data on all touchpoints. Find new revenue opportunities by listening to the customer's voice. With LIFEdata AI you can analyze the real-time behavior of each customer and transform the data into personalized actions at the right time.


    72% of customers would buy if they could be assisted in real-time. Simplify the path to purchase across digital channels and touchpoints in the physical world. Predictive and just-in-time. Use data and insights to engage each customer in real time, in the moment of action, with personalized recommendations.


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