What about if BUYING from your company felt more like this?

Today’s business leaders are using revenue intelligence to solve the omnichannel dilemma and generate more revenue, working together with customers and employees to preserve the health of our planet

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Humanizing digital interactions with data

LIFEdata Customer Value Management is a buyer-centric rethinking of how companies go-to-market rooted in a data-driven focus on the customer at every stage of the customer lifecycle, using intelligent insights to know when and how to engage and what to say to each account








The world has changed.
Marketing funnels are inefficient and fail to engage consumers on their terms.
Messaging is the new email.
Sustainability is the new digital.

omnichannel solutions

How has your go to market changed?

We all love the Apple store because it's an incredible buying experience. Booking, product selection, onboarding is on demand, completely assisted on digital channels as a two-way conversation with the brand. The whole process is welcoming and frictionless across digital channels and offline touchpoints. When you arrive there are friendly faces to greet you at the right time. There are experts who can walk you through product features and pricing. And you feel to discover something else to buy. That's because a seamless go to market transforms marketing in direct sales on marketing channels.

omnichannel solutions
omnichannel solutions

Think of LIFEdata as the intelligence between your business and the on-demand world.

We connect the dots for happy customers and employees outside the four walls.


Real-time conversations result in higher conversion and revenue

The answer is simple. Instead of making your prospects fill out forms, start having conversations in real-time with your qualified buyers. Instant meetings result in conversions.

real-time engagement

72% of customers would make a purchase only if they could ask questions in real-time

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Predictive and actionable in the moment

Deliver personal, smart interactions in the moment of need. It’s about predicting customer needs; serving up proactive, personalized solutions; and adding value at each step in the customer journey.

omnichannel AI solutions
Sustainability is the new digital

Until now, connecting your Sustainability efforts with engagement was time-consuming, complex and static. Digitalization now is the engine for Sustainability.

digital engagement omnichannel solutions
Make the digital economy personal

Use data and insights to engage each customer in real-time, in the moment of need, with personalized recommendations using also your ESG investment impact to improve revenues.



Humanizing digital interactions with data

We are now living in a millisecond economy in which consumers expect to be able to execute trades, comparison-shop product and services, access important documents, and find a new TV series to binge-watch in an instant. Many organizations seem to be out of sync, moving at a pace that is slower than consumer change: they continue doing what their systems allow to do. The most effective algorithm? People's habits. Are you sure that you're selling the way your customers want to buy in 2023?

omnichannel solutions

Omnichannel customers have a 6x customer lifetime value compared to ecommerce-only and 3x vs retail-only

messaging omnichannel solutions
Messaging is the new email

3B chat everyday. It’s the future of digital socialization. But … It's hard to keep up. DIY chatbots are just answering machines with no user behavior insights. More sophisticated messaging platforms drain your team resources.

omnichannel solutions
Solving for infinite customer journeys

Just as it is in the offline world, where knowledgeable advisers and intuitive salespeople earn trust and win referrals by anticipating customer needs and delivering on their promises, digital experiences must be programmed to do the same, only better.

customer lifecycle management
Solving business problems with AI

Consumers have started their own brand conversation, especially on dark socials, such as Whatsapp. We help your business get digital right with smart, “data-centric” solutions to get more ROI and bring Sustainability to your business, using customer data to make their life simpler.



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