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real time engagement
contact form lead generation

Generate more revenue and grow pipeline, not just leads

Speed matters more than ever. How many deals are dying before they get to a demo or pitch?

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Your customers have no time

demand generation
The process that marketing uses to pass leads to sales is broken 

A prospect fills out a lead form and gets a message that says "We'll get back to you shortly”. If you’re lucky, a rep responds within a few hours. On average, it  ends up being a few days.

B2B engagement
After the form, it takes days of going back-and-forth to get a meeting

By the time your reps respond, they're stuck in a back-and-forth email and voicemail nightmare just trying to schedule the "first call".

marketing funnel
You lose the buying intent because the sales process is not personal

Salespeople are therefore super-busy with MQL, instead of immediately focusing on prospects with greater buying intent. In the case of multi-tier intermediated sales, the company often does not even know who its customer really is, because only distributors know the customer.

Won't be easier to get the customer to speak immediately in the moment of intent with your people?

Focus on your leads in the moment when they express buying intent

Engage buyers in real-time conversations, via chat or live call, or cut steps in your qualification and make that first call more effective.

real time engagement

Guide them across digital and physical touchpoints

Target by individual need, not by persona. Capture everything you need to qualify, disqualify and make the 1st call, a great call.

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Know your customers

You don't have time to waste in endless market research and segmentation, especially when the customer changes all the time. Use everyday activity as customer journey analytics to truly understand who buys from you and why. Also for B2B complex sales.

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