We help your business get digital right with smart, “data-centric” solutions to get more ROI and bring Sustainability to your business, using customer data to make their life simpler.

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Humanizing digital interactions with data

Omnichannel go-to-market

lifedata soluzioni omnichannel

LIFEdata is a RevenueTech company turning real-time conversations into revenue throughout the customer lifecycle to simplify the omnichannel go to market and humanize digital interactions with data.
Think of LIFEdata as the intelligence between your business and the on-demand world. We connect the dots for happy customers and employees outside the four walls.

Beyond the CRM. Omni-Channel

The Covid and the war have changed how we work. Everything has become unpredictable, so much so that the sale - especially in the B2B, or complex products or services, or in the case of intermediated sales (hybrid networks, indirect sales, resellers ...) - has become a continuous go to market.
In the Omnichannel go to market, marketing becomes digital sales on marketing channels and sales becomes buyer enablement to help the customer buy, often in self-service. In this transition beyond the CRM to Omnichannel, most companies are out of sync: although omnichannel is the norm, less than 5% are able to seize the opportunities, enhancing company data and investments in new technologies.


What does it mean Omnichannel?

Personalization is the story of how great companies are able to tailor experiences to each customer. Amazon, Google, Facebook … as we move into the digital economy, every company must become as good as personalizing as the tech giants. Phygital or omnichannel is poised to take the best component from the digital experience such as immediacy, immersion, and speed and meshes it with physical products and personal interactions.
The most advanced stage of digital maturity when data and technology become one of the competitive levers of the business.

  • Omnichannel data strategy

  • Omnichannel management cloud


Growing business with data

Competitive advantage exists at the intersection of data science, technology, people, and deep business expertise. To unlock true business value, AI must be woven into processes and ways of working and applied where it really matters.
We build solutions to radically transform the business performance in 3 to 6 months. We focus on enablement from day one, co-creating solutions with the client while building assets and capabilities. We start small, and scale fast. We construct end-to-end, fit-for-purpose solutions that our clients own and integrate into their unique technology stack with full transparency into components, services, and code.

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Sustainable technology

Sustainable technology is what makes our life easier. Technology is an invisible enabler of relationships with humans at the center.
We committed to the digital transition in respect of the environment:

  • Human-centered AI. All our AI solutions are AI+HUMANS, and centered on making the user’s life simpler, more informed and assisted

  • Green digital. Artificial intelligence has a strong environmental impact, we use approaches and solutions for the digital transition in compliance with environmental sustainability

  • Privacy-first. Technology has to make the relationship with companies more transparent and informed.

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Green digital and gender equality

lifedata startup

We believe in digital transformation respecting the environment. We're proud member of the European Commission focus groups on

  • ICT Sustainability

  • European green digital alliance.

We are different. We strive for gender equality and diversity, inclusion, international approach, egalitarian growth, enhancement of young and female entrepreneurship, collaboration with shareholders and the local territories. We have become a Benefit company, because we want to be pioneers in the sustainable use of data and technology.

We're tech, but we speak business

We are an organization specializing in data science, data engineering and artificial intelligence, which puts your business goals first, because the point is not technology, there is too much of it, but the results for your business. We have our own platform, but we work full service with data scientists, micro UX experts and omnichannel analysts for turnkey solutions that don't require IT dependency.

digital engagement


In a world of gurus and strategists chasing the latest shiny object, we are the doers. We solve business problems with data and AI.

customer value management


The value of technology lies in solving business problems and should only be used where it is really needed.

time to value omnichannel


The point is not the technology; there is also too much of it. What matters is the immediate impact on your company's business results.

Data-centric expertise for business

soluzioni omnichannel

We specialize in data engineering and human-centered AI:


  • Semantics and knowledge management

  • Data science, data engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We are:

  • Salesforce Consulting Partner

  • Whatsapp Business Platform ISV

  • AWS partner, but we use also Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform

EU Artificial intelligence

intelligenza artificiale EU

LIFEdata is member of the European Commission/DIGITAL SME groups on

  • ArtificiaI intelligence

  • ICT Sustainability

Focus Group members are a strong network of SME-innovators at European level, gaining visibility, influence, and early insights around AI policy.LIFEdata platform is GDPR compliant and it follows the European Parliament Guidelines for military and non-military use of Artificial Intelligence:

  • AI can replace neither human decision-making nor human contact

  • Artificial Intelligence must be subject to human control, allowing humans to correct or disable it in case of unforeseen behaviour


Omar Fogliadini
Managing Partner

Serial start-up entrepreneur with successful track record. Mentor deep tech Oxford University and UCL. Case history of "IlSole24Ore", SUPSI (University of Southern Switzerland) and several others. LaCLINIQUE, the latest start-up founded in Italy, has revolutionized the industry with a digital platform operating model

Diego Boschi
Operations & Customer
Success Manager

Degree in Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. 20 years experience coordinating operations, delivery and customer success, with experience in multinationals such as SAP and Splio

Sara Caminati
Digital Innovation
Senior Partner

Digital entrepreneur, digital strategist, consultant and lecturer in marketing and digital communication. First National Prize for Innovation in Trade Services in 2009; Award for Best Entrepreneur of the Year at the Milan Chamber of Commerce in 2011

Gianluca Marzulli
Digital Innovation
Senior Manager

Graduated in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. Master in Digital Transformation. 10 years experience in digital transformation, open innovation and corporate innovation

Morgana Tuvo
Customer Success

Degree in Marketing from IULM and PhD in Business Administration from San Diego University. 7 years experience working for customer success in high-growth startups with a focus on customer experience

Francesco De Grazia
Omnichannel Success

MSc in Media Management from KTH - Royal Institute of Technology - Stockholm. In charge of managing omnichannel solutions for clients and creating digital content as a producer

Alessandro Bortolani
Strategic Partnership

Entrepreneur and business angel. Equity4Innovation VP. Board member & COO of Build Lenders. Experienced PM in the Finance industry

Anna Ferracuti
Back Office

Office manager with over 20 years of experience in accounting management, business planning, order control and process management of small and medium-sized companies

Jyothy Gogi
Test & Quality Assurance

Master in computer applications. Delivery project manager of complex cross-platform applications with 10 years of experience in data-driven companies, such as IBM India

Tecnologia Multi-Awarded

iren omnichannel
Finalist - Hot Lead Generation

Top 3 solutions for Energy & Utility omnichannel lead management

openitaly elis
OPEN ITALY Elis - New Sales Channels

Top 10 solutions for Customer Centricity & New Sales Channels

Aeroporti di Roma
Winner - Omnichannel commerce

Top 10 startups selected by Aeroporti di Roma to revolutionize the passenger experience in the Leonardo Da Vinci Rome Airport, the biggest italian airport and busiest shopping gallery. Winner, Omnichannel commerce

Viva Technology Paris
Nomination Italian Trade Agency

VivaTech is the international event that celebrates and selects innovation leaders

kiki lab innova retail
Innova Retail Awards

Innova Retail Award by Kiki Lab awards innovative projects that can offer added value to the customer experience for the retail industry

openitaly elis
OPEN ITALY Elis - Operation Improvement

Top 10 platforms in Italy for operation improvement. Open Italy Elis is the first sales accelerator for the most innovative startup. Selected by BPER Banca, American Express, Cattolica Assicurazioni and Toyota

MNLP - Accelerating Innovation

Top 10 platforms in Italy for customer experience, AI and CRM. MNLP - Accelerating Innovation is promoted by Covisian, involving BMW Italia, Banca Ifis, Fastweb, Findomestic, Enel, Verti, Generali, Leroy Merlin and other tier 1 corporates

Digital360 Awards

CRM / Marketing and Sales Solutions category. Digital information hub and WhatsApp Banking project. Digital360 Awards is an initiative organized by the Digital360 Group rewarding the best Innovation projects in Italy

Ceetrus for Innovation

Top 3 technologies according to Ceetrus and Polihub for customer and tenant experience in the retail industry to make shopping malls sustainable and smart

Axepta Store of the Future

Top 10 technology platforms according to Axepta BNP Paribas and Polihub for improving the shopping and payment experience in the retail sector, with a significant impact in the world of Acquiring and Digital Payment.

Fastweb #Open2TheFuture

Top 20 technology platforms according to Fastweb, a major telco in Italy, for improving customer experience and business operations

Officina MPS

MPS Officina on behalf of Banca MPS has identified solutions that could improve the user experience of the customer whom the institution has sponsored with two drivers: Data and Digital Ecosystems

Connext Confindustria
Winner Fabbrica Intelligente

Connext is the most important national industrial partnership event of Confindustria, which offers companies a privileged observatory of the lands on which tomorrow's competition will be played and on which to orient the business

4YFN Barcelona

4YFN is one of the major pan-European events for start-up. Selected by the Catalunya department for Open Innovation with large enterprises

Digital Innovation Days

The largest Italian event dedicated to Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Innovation, formerly Mashable

Start & Pulse - Agos 2019

Agos Credit Agricole’s innovation program dedicated to the best customer experience customization solutions in financial services

B Heroes Roadshow 2020

B Heroes is one of the best known open innovation programs linked to the docu-series broadcast on SKY

Premio AWS Activate

Awarded by Amazon Web Services for the technology solution at the Web Marketing Forum 2019

Viva Technology Paris

Selected by Sanofi Global among the knowledge augmentation voice solutions for Viva Technology, probably the largest European event on technology and innovation

AIWorkLab 2.0 LVenture Rome

AI WorkLab 2.0 is the artificial intelligence start-up incubation program with American Express, Cerved, growITup, Invitalia, Sanofi, Sara Assicurazioni. LVenture Group S.p.A., a public listed company Borsa Italiana, which manages LUISS ENLABS "The Startup Factory", born from a joint venture with the LUISS University.

Digital Transformation World Nice

Selected for AI track. Digital Transformation World is one of the main global events dedicated to technological innovation for over 30 years

4YFN Barcelona

Selected by Capita among the disruptive solutions for customer experience management, customer service and retail at 4YFN-MWC19

F10 Zurich

The main Swiss innovation program on Fintech with Swiss stock exchange, Julius Baer, ​​Baloise, Generali, Zürcher Kantonalbank, PWC, Raiffeisen, ERI Bancaire, Eny Finance.

Wayra UK - Blockchain & AI London

Selection of the best AI & Blockchain companies in Europe with the support of the University of Edinburgh, which houses the largest computer and computational science center in Europe, Telefonica and Cisco

Startupbootcamp Fintech Amsterdam
Finalist - Top 23  Fintech

Top 23 fintech. Startupbootcamp FinTech Amsterdam is one of the most famous Fintech accelerators in Europe, supported by ING, Rabobank, Achmea, Vivat, PGGM.

Plug & Play Health & Wellness Silicon Valley

Plug & Play Tech Center Silicon Valley is probably the most famous innovation and start-up ecosystem in the world. He launched PayPal and Dropbox among others

Bayer G4A Grant for Apps Milan

Bayer G4A is Bayer's global innovation program for self-care solutions and user experience customization

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin
Finalist - Top 23  Platform

Top 23 out of over 4,000 companies. Startup boot-camp Berlin is one of the most reputed acceleration programs in Europe.

CogX Artificial Intelligence Awards London

CogX Awards celebrates the best-of-the-best in AI and emerging technologies

Cube Tech Berlin
Digital/Physical & Automation/AI Nomination

Selected for both Digital / Physical and AI & Automation tracks. CUBE Ecosystem is Berlin's most important B2B innovation network


Omnichannel Customer Experience
Ecommerce B2C


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lifedata soluzioni omnichannel

LIFEdata è il partner di business per il go to market omnichannel, un'azienda retailtech con soluzioni chiavi in mano per trasformare le interazioni real time in vendite - con customer value management e personalizzazione su tutti i touchpoint, durante l'intero ciclo di vita del cliente - e rendere il digitale più umano usando i dati.
LIFEdata è l'intelligenza tra il tuo business e il mondo On Demand: la soluzione per semplificare la gestione di marketing e vendite omnicanale, anche quando i tuoi sistemi aziendali non lo permetterebbero.


lifedata soluzioni omnichannel

LIFEdata è il partner di business per il go to market omnichannel, un'azienda retailtech con soluzioni chiavi in mano per trasformare le interazioni real time in vendite - con customer value management e personalizzazione su tutti i touchpoint, durante l'intero ciclo di vita del cliente - e rendere il digitale più umano usando i dati.
LIFEdata è l'intelligenza tra il tuo business e il mondo On Demand: la soluzione per semplificare la gestione di marketing e vendite omnicanale, anche quando i tuoi sistemi aziendali non lo permetterebbero.

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